November / 20 / 2018
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We have designed and built the trailers to the needs and wants of those that frequently use fuel operations in all circumstances.

The fuel trailer is a 600 gallon aluminum tank with one 24 volt battery which can pump 50 gallons per minute.

The following items describe the options on our trailers:

  • 600 gallon aluminum tank with baffels
  • 55 gallon per minute electric pump
  • 24 volt system of pumping
  • All brass pipes and fittings
  • Velcron water separator filter
  • 50 feet 1 1/2 inch retractable hose reel with aircraft nozzle
  • Tank mounted on (2) 3500 pound axles
  • Front anxles has electric brakes
  • Total aluminum deck sheeting the top of the trailer
  • Equipped with marine lights
  • 1000 gallon flow meter which is adjustable
  • Large filler opening
  • Pernco boat on/off switch for security
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